Why we keep catching cold

Autumn and winter are times of cold and cough. The immune system keeps many pathogens away from us. But it fails with colds – again and again. There are three reasons for this. With measles, the matter is clear: we get it once in a lifetime, after that we are immune from it. But coughs and runny nose torment […]

5 SOS tips for headache

Your head is pounding and pounding? These 5 simple strategies will make tension headaches go away quickly, without any pills What helps quickly against headaches? For those who have a headache, coping with everyday life quickly becomes torture. The 5 most effective strategies to get rid of tension headaches quickly without pills are explained here by […]

“Do not touch your face with your hand”: this is how you can get through the winter healthy – a doctor offers tips

Autumn and winter are cold season. The good news: many infections can be prevented. A doctor reveals how you can stay healthy – and what you can save yourself. Professor Scherer , do you automatically get sick on trains and buses in winter because someone is constantly sniffing or coughing around you? Of course, there is then a higher […]

Flu or cold? These symptoms will tell you

One creeps up slowly, the other comes suddenly. The cold is often mild, the flu is usually severe. The two diseases can be clearly distinguished from each other. “I have the flu,” many say when they have symptoms such as coughing , sore throat or a stuffy nose in winter  . But most of them only have one cold . It can be quite uncomfortable. However, […]

Are you suffering from a superinfection? What is meant by that

If the body is already weakened by cold or flu viruses, some bacteria take advantage of this and also infect the affected tissue. Serious complications can result. A cold or flu can only cause viruses . Bacteria don’t. However, some doctors prescribe antibiotics , which are drugs that kill bacteria. Antibiotics cannot do anything against viruses. Do such doctors act negligently? Or even wrong? Possibly. There is one exception, however: if […]

These 4 tips will lower your risk of heart attack

Stinging in the chest, shortness of breath: you should pay attention to these signs! How to recognize a heart attack and what to do What is a heart attack (myocardial infarction)? The best way to understand how the heart works is to think of it as a pump that powers the bloodstream to supply oxygen and […]

Help for the sick protective cover

People with neurodermatitis usually have very dry and sensitive skin. Even in phases without eczema, it needs a lot of attention and the right care – to prevent a new flare-up. The most important function of the skin is protection. It envelops the sensitive interior of the body, absorbs shocks and prevents, for example, pathogens or other […]

The 5 most important health checkups for men

M al honest: When men feel ill, they may suffer quite a bit. Especially in the presence of a woman. But go to the doctor? Nope, not necessary. If your own body finally forces you to see a doctor, the sober diagnosis from the experts is in the worst case: “If you had come earlier, we could have saved […]

The 9 best tips against bloating

A bloated stomach causes unpleasant noises, smells and pain – and makes your six pack look like a paunch. This is how you expel excess air from your stomach What do you get a bloated stomach from? Gases form in the intestines after eating. They arise when the food is digested and broken down into its individual […]

This is how you protect yourself from fatty liver disease

More and more men are suffering from the dangerous consequences of fatty liver, even those who are slim. Here you can find out how it arises and how to prevent it What exactly is fatty liver? As the name suggests, this disease is an obesity of the organ. The fatty liver – medically called “steatosis hepatis” – […]

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