Does Corona mean the end for fitness studios as we know them?

Lifting dumbbells, yoga or interval workouts – in Corona times, many train in their own living room or in the park. That puts gyms under pressure. Workouts are streamed without further ado, but the competition is fierce online.  Envious looks at the biceps are rare in your own living room. Apart from that, it is quite easy to […]

Measuring your pulse by hand – what you should pay attention to and what the values ​​mean

Measuring your own pulse regularly is important and useful. Experts say that too. Instead of an expensive heart rate monitor, a little sure instinct is enough. Read here how you can quickly feel your pulse and determine it correctly – and what conclusions can be drawn from the values. Every time our heart muscle contracts and in doing […]

Additives in food: recognize unhealthy things, eat better

What’s in food isn’t always on the label: manufacturers don’t have to name everything they use. And what they say is often difficult to understand. An instruction manual. Is a strawberry yogurt a yogurt full of strawberries? Limited. It depends on the details: For example, a cup with “strawberry yoghurt” written on it only has to contain nine grams […]

When to see the doctor with the little ones

Children have a cold much more often than adults. Because your immune system still has to learn to cope with the onslaught of viruses. Coughs and sniffling are mostly harmless. But with some symptoms, a quick visit to the doctor is advisable. The immune system of children is very busy, especially in the first years of life. Because there […]

Stimulate digestion: How to get gastrointestinal problems under control again

A healthy intestinal flora has a decisive influence on our well-being: If our digestion is not intact, we suffer from gastrointestinal complaints. With the right tips, you can stimulate your metabolism and alleviate typical symptoms. According to a survey on the frequency of gastrointestinal complaints in Germany, eleven percent of those surveyed suffer from digestive problems such as […]

Vitamins A, D, E and K protect the body

Fat-soluble vitamins are small but important bulwarks of the body: They protect cells from destruction, allow wounds to heal better, strengthen teeth and bones and keep mucous membranes healthy. Just like the water-soluble vitamins , the body only needs small amounts of the fat-soluble vitamins. Nevertheless, they are also vital and fulfill important functions in the body. Therefore, with […]

The 6 most common causes of itching in the genital area

Most men know that the crotch sometimes pinches. But what if the itching doesn’t go away? What is behind it and what helps When itching, scratching just about every man from time to time in the genital area. It only gets annoying when you can no longer walk straight ahead in public because of the itchiness and […]

Back pain after running?

Think about it: what did you change four weeks ago? Do you wear different shoes? Do you run a different route? Are you currently trying out a new running technique? “All of this can have an effect on your back,” says Margit Lock, specialist in orthopedics and sports medicine. Especially a new, incorrectly executed running technique often causes pain. […]

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