5 SOS tips for headache

Your head is pounding and pounding? These 5 simple strategies will make tension headaches go away quickly, without any pills

What helps quickly against headaches?

For those who have a headache, coping with everyday life quickly becomes torture. The 5 most effective strategies to get rid of tension headaches quickly without pills are explained here by the Lüneburg pain expert Dr. Peter Tamme.

1. Eye mindfulness exercise against headaches

For this very effective mindfulness exercise against tension headaches, find a quiet place where you can concentrate fully on yourself. “Without moving your head, you move your eyes very slowly and very consciously, first to the left and then to the right, counting aloud at the right turning point,” explains pain expert Tamme, “Repeat the exercises 5 times. Then leave the upper eyelids a lot Carefully drop down on the lower eyelids and breathe out slowly and emphatically. Give yourself the inner command: ‘The eyes close by themselves, all by themselves.’ Make yourself aware of how good your resting eyes feel now. ” Then open your eyes again and repeat the exercise, but now in the axis of movement from top to bottom: again 5 times

2. Mint oil and cooling relieve pain blocks

“A washcloth that has been pulled through cold water and then gently wrung out is sufficient for this strategy,” says Tamme. “Place it folded on your forehead and close your eyes. Or you can get an essential oil concentrate from the pharmacy Medicinal peppermint (for example Euminz) and apply it gently to the neck, forehead and temples. Gently massage both temples for 3 x 30 seconds with circular movements. ” Peppermint oil improves blood circulation, has a relaxing effect and activates the body’s own defense against pain.

3. Power naps help against throbbing headaches

Lie on a couch or in bed for 15 minutes, shielded from noise and light. “When you are lying down, imagine how the body lifts itself up very slowly from the surface,” says Tamme, “Imagine this feeling several times in a row and feel how the pain slowly subsides.”

4. Drinks containing caffeine help relieve pain

Caffeine reaches the brain via the blood, where it causes the blood vessels to widen, which not only alleviates headaches, but can even go away completely. “Drink a large glass of cola or a cup of caffeinated coffee slowly, very consciously and without hurrying,” advises the expert.

5. Fresh air relieves tension headaches

It is not uncommon for tension in the neck and back area to trigger tension headaches. A relaxed walk in the fresh air can work wonders. Tamme advises: “Do not jog, do not run, no entertainment, no smartphone, just run and ‘be’, then 10 minutes are often enough.”

This is how you can prevent headaches in the long term

  • Not too many tablets:  Every now and then, fighting the pain with one tablet makes sense. However, those who constantly lower the pain threshold in this way increase the sensitivity to pain in the long term.
  • Easy on the eyes:  Those who watch TV for hours or work on the computer without a break will overload their eyes. These activities can trigger headaches just like the wrong glasses.
  • Sleep properly:  The prone position or a curved sleeping position can lead to tension in the neck and thus to headaches. Ideal: sleep stretched out on your back. Too much or too little sleep can also cause problems.
  • Going into the shade: the  sun dries out the body and leads to headaches. So avoid the worst heat between 10 a.m. and 3 p.m. and always wear a hat.
  • Food sensitivity: Food  can also be a trigger for headaches. Certain types of cheese, chocolate, fatty foods, Chinese foods (flavor enhancers), citrus fruits, coffee, alcohol and sometimes tomatoes and onions are suspected.
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