Back pain after running?

Think about it: what did you change four weeks ago? Do you wear different shoes? Do you run a different route? Are you currently trying out a new running technique?

“All of this can have an effect on your back,” says Margit Lock, specialist in orthopedics and sports medicine. Especially a new, incorrectly executed running technique often causes pain.

Tip: just step less! Too long strides overwhelm your muscles. This will probably keep you falling into a hollow back. “The best thing to do is to have a gait analysis carried out at an institute for performance diagnostics,” advises the Berlin doctor.

This will cost you around 120 euros, but the experts can tell you what to do differently. And try to bring more variety to your training in the future. “Just run your route the other way around,” says Lock.

This trick will make you run more focused and watch your footwork. It is also best to do easy abdominal and core muscle training two to three times a week so that your back never pinches again.

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