The ultimate package to really lose weight effectively

Beer belly, Dad Bod or Christmas paunch? How you accumulated your extra pounds doesn’t matter. It is important that you get rid of it – both from an aesthetic and a health point of view. Obesity increases the risk of cardiovascular disease and reduces life expectancy. In this respect, the question arises: Look good and live to a great age or visit the doctor in a staccato rhythm? The choice is yours and you can now set the course for a healthy future with an attractive body. The beginning has already been made because you are reading this article that will lead you to your goal.

Why do I need an exercise and nutrition plan to lose weight?

Sure, a nutrition plan will help you lose weight, provided you follow it consistently. A training plan also contributes to your fat-off success. But only the combination of the two plans ensures quick and, above all, safe results – a quasi-bacon-away guarantee. Both would work overnight, by stopping eating immediately and walking on the treadmill for hours. But we want to bring you lasting success without the often cited yo-yo effect. For this reason, both plans are designed for 12 weeks, in which you consciously move closer to your goal.

What is our training plan like?

What exactly does the weight loss training plan look like? Strength training clearly dominates here as the most effective method for burning fat. And instead of repeating the same sequences of movements over and over again as when jogging, pure variety awaits you here. After all, the fun factor is extremely important in order to stay on the ball over the long term. A total of 67 effective exercises await you, including detailed instructions. In addition, crisp interval units bring you into the maximum fat burning mode. This mix is ​​simply unbeatable because it maintains your muscle mass. This in turn ensures a higher basal metabolic rate. so lets you burn plenty of calories even when you are at rest

What is an ideal diet plan for weight loss?

Deine Energiebilanz bestimmt, ob’s auf der Waage rauf oder runter geht. Ein Überschuss in puncto Kalorien sorgt für mehr, ein Defizit für weniger Körpergewicht. Unterschätzen solltest du jedoch auch nicht den Gehalt an Inhaltsstoffen, die in einem Lebensmittel stecken. Künstliche, von Menschenhand erzeugte, komprimierte Lebensmittel machen dick. Vitaminreiche, natürliche, großvolumige Lebensmittel nicht. Und genau an diesen darfst und sollst du dich satt essen.

On this basis, our nutrition experts have created a 12-week plan for you, divided into weeks 1 to 4, 5 to 8 and 9 to 12. In the entire 12 weeks you can lose between 6 and 12 kilos – because one Weight loss of 0.5 to 1 kilo per week is realistic and healthy. What is clear is that you don’t have to slavishly follow the plan for this. Instead, the plan will provide you with a basis and inspiration from which to develop your own personal plan and new recipes. You will also receive an orientation in terms of quantities and portion sizes so that you can stay slim and sporty on your own afterwards.

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