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The Working Around Moving Equipment for Supervisors course is an introductory level, 60-minute training program designed for supervisors to move manufacturing to Mexico industry. This course addresses the many hazards associated with working around machines and equipment. Every year, workers who maintain or operate machinery sustain more than 18,000 injuries or die from their injuries. It also focuses on the latest safety standards that can help employees avoid these tragedies. The Machinery and Machine Guarding General Requirements are consistently cited as the most commonly violated safety standards, with an average of 800 deaths and 18,000 serious injuries.

The AMTEP training program was made possible by a special grant from the GE Foundation, which is committed to the long-term success of manufacturing industry. The program is designed to assist unemployed individuals with training and employment in the field. AMTEP also provides no-cost, networking opportunities for participants. The thriving manufacturing industry, with exciting job opportunities that are available to those who complete the program. To learn more about the AMTEP program, visit their website.7 Lean Manufacturing Principles That Improve Training

The Advanced Manufacturing Training Expansion Program (AMTEP) is a special NAMC project that addresses the talent needs of the region’s manufacturing industry. GE’s generous grant has funded the project, which will be integrated into other NAMC efforts. AMTEP is designed to expand manufacturing training opportunities in the north shore. By bringing the skills and knowledge of the region’s labor force into the next generation, the Advanced Manufacturing Training Expansion Program will help meet the growing talent needs of the industry.

AMTEP provides free training for Connecticut residents. During each cycle, the program offers four15 hours of technical machining training. The program ends with a career fair at which graduates can network with local manufacturers. Afterwards, graduates are supported by a career center job specialist to prepare them for the workforce. The program includes a tour of a manufacturing facility and a tour of its facilities. While AMTEP is an intensive program, it is designed to provide a foundational understanding of the industry, as well as a strong foundation for further education.

A competency-based training program combines online and classroom learning. Its curriculum includes self-paced online content and a workshop. This training is designed to prepare students for the real world of manufacturing jobs. It is not necessary to have a formal degree to be hired. A certificate in competency-based manufacturing will help them land a job in a manufacturer within 90 days. This is the best way to ensure that the future workforce is trained.

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