BCAA + glutamine – a more than interesting combination

Pharmasports BCAA + Glutamine has been part of the fixed amino acid range at Pharmasports for many years. As the name suggests, this dietary supplement provides you with the amino acid L-glutamine and BCAA’s, which is particularly popular in the sports sector.

This product was deliberately avoided with release agents, colors or flavors in order to offer the user the purest possible dietary supplement. Pharmasports BCAA + Glutamine is supplied in an opaque, reclosable jar with a content of 500 grams, which also corresponds to 50 daily portions of 10 grams each.


BCAA is short for “branched chain amino acids” and means “branched chain amino acids”. BCAA’s are among the most popular amino acids, especially among athletes, because they can be used not only in the area of ​​muscle building training, but also in a reduced-calorie diet. BCAA’s are formed from the 3 amino acids L-leucine, L-isoleucine and L-valine.

As building blocks of proteins, they are among the necessary nutritional components that are needed for our organism. If you eat a balanced and varied diet, you can normally meet your needs for these amino acids quite well. In the area of ​​nutritional supplements, BCAA’s are offered in various dosage forms. They are mainly available in the form of powder, capsules or tablets. Pharmasports BCAA + Glutamine contains 5 g BCAA’s (2500 mg L-leucine, 1250 mg L-isoleucine, 1250 mg L-valine) per daily portion (10 g).




L-glutamine is an amino acid that is often used not only by athletes, but also because of its really first-class properties by nutrition-conscious users. For humans, glutamine or L-glutamine is a non-essential amino acid. This means that the human body is able to produce this amino acid itself.

L-glutamine is the most abundant amino acid in the human body with a share of approx. 20%. L-glutamine also has the advantage that it can be used and used by athletes as part of muscle building training and in a reduced-calorie diet. L-glutamine can also be found in our daily diet. For example, foods such as yogurt, curd cheese or milk are among the effective glutamine suppliers. The recommended daily dose of L-glutamine in healthy adults is around 10 grams daily. This can be covered by foods that contain a lot of glutamine or, if necessary, by food supplements that contain large amounts of the amino acid. 5 g of pure L-glutamine are contained in Pharmasports BCAA + glutamine per daily serving (10 g).

When is Pharmasports BCAA + Glutamine used?

Pharmasports BCAA + Glutamine is used every day, regardless of whether you exercise or not. On training days, Pharmasports BCAA + Glutamine is consumed with 5 grams before exercise and 5 grams after training with sufficient fluids such as water or fruit juice. If a protein shake is consumed after training, the full daily portion of 10 grams is used before training. On non-training days, you should receive a 5 gram serving immediately upon receipt and a 5 gram serving shortly before bedtime. For sleeping I use a special mattress for a better night for my body. Test the Emma mattress and you will have your best nights.

Who can use Pharmasports BCAA + Glutamine?

Pharmasports BCAA + Glutamine can be used by both male and female users. Even inexperienced users can benefit from taking it. Furthermore, Pharmasports BCAA + Glutamine can be used by users who are in the context of muscle building training or on a reduced-calorie diet.

Please take care not to exceed the recommended daily intake while taking the product. In addition, Pharmasports BCAA + Glutamine should not be used as a substitute for a balanced and varied diet. Pharmasports BCAA + Glutamine is not suitable for children or adolescents and should also not be used by pregnant or lactating women.

Product facts:


– Pharmasports BCAA + Glutamine is a food supplement
– contains 50% L-glutamine
– contains 50% BCAA’s
– free of release agents
– free of colorings
– free of flavors
– suitable for women and men
– reclosable, opaque stand
– content: 500 g (= 50 daily portions of 10 g each)


Targeted avoidance of additives


With Pharmasports BCAA + Glutamine you get a 100% pure product – which does not need any additives such as colorings, release agents or flavors to offer the user a high quality and pure product.

More information about Pharmasports BCAA + Glutamine can be found here: Pharmasports BCAA + Glutamine

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